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delicious or just pretty looking bentos

your second best friend :)

♡ show pictures of bento boxes! ♡
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All Members , Moderated

Join ilovebentobox if you love bento boxes! They don't
have to be your own bentos, but if it isn't credit should be
required when posting.

Community for bento boxes to be posted. Some things you
can include in your post are what you used to make it, where
you got your supplies, if it tasted good,
and if you gave it to someone, what did they say? :))
If you know someone who likes bento boxes, tell them to join!

- no rudeness!
- more than 3 pictures should be under a cut
- bigger pictures should be under a cut
- please post pictures only of bentos, if you have cute
food post in smilingbread
- have fun ♥