_scarlet_ibis_ (_scarlet_ibis_) wrote in ilovebentobox,

My Daughter's 1st Kindergarten Lunch

Clockwise from top left:  two quail eggs decorated with black sesame seeds and a bit of carrot to look like a baby chick, two large strawberries, Twinkie sushi with a wrap of Fruit Roll-up and a filling of bits of sour rope candy and Nerds, onigiri with seasoned nori on the bottom and roasted sesame seeds on top, another quail egg chick, more onigiri that's supposed to look like a flower with seasoned nori on the bottom and on top and roasted black and regular sesame seeds.  I also packed her some low-fat chips, some soy sauce for dipping and some leftover musakhan, but all that stuff wasn't attractive enough to photograph.  :)
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